About Us

MRH Consultoría Integral.


We are a multidisciplinary work team with extensive experience and academic preparation. We are aware of the challenges that leading a successful sustainable company implies and we offer the best comprehensive solutions in environmental, industrial safety and social responsibility issues.

At MRH, we are pleased to contribute to Mexico’s sustainable economic growth by serving our clients in various industrial sectors (metal packaging, glass, chemicals, food, etc.), for whom we design each service based on their particular needs, offering both fee-based consultancy services and comprehensive project development.

To be recognized by our clients for our contribution in confronting and overcoming the various challenges inherent to the operation of a sustainable company.

  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation and versatility

Some of the clients that trust us are:

Electronic Sector:

  • Schneider Electric, N.L.
  • Sensata Technologies, Ags.
  • Advanced Molding and Decoration, N.L.

Automotive Sector:

  • Molitec, Ags.
  • Sanoh Industrial, Ags.
  • NTN Manufacturing, Ags
  • GEIGER Automotive, Qto.
  • Nippon Seiki, N.L.

Mining Sector:

  • Minera Real Los Ángeles

Food Sector:

  • Frigorizados La Huerta, Ags.
  • Orval Kent de Linares, N.L.

Other Sectors:

  • Daltile México, N.L.
  • Crown-Famosa, N.L.
  • Fábricas Monterrey, N.L y Edo Mex
  • Herramientas Hecort , Ags.